Hoot ‘n’ Holler

24 Jan

Over the past five years, I’ve taught myself to needlepoint, cross-stitch, and now embroider. By far the best of the needlecrafts is embroidery. Not only is it a cheap hobby, but you can make some really fun and trendy items for yourself or friends.

More often than not, I make gifts for others. However, I got tired of being a giver and decided to make something for myself. I went online to Sublime Stitching and bought the pillowcase seen here and the pattern (which is one in a set of about 6-7 designs featuring woodland creatures) for less than $20 total.

After a trip to my local craft store to stock up on threads – I bought colors that coordinate with my apartment. Have I mentioned that I like teal? Hmm, well, I do. Ironing on the pattern took mere minutes and before I knew it, I was stitching away and watching reruns of Golden Girls (you know you love that show too).

It took a few days but the photo is the finished product. I love how it incorporates the colors of my apartment and features one of my favorite predators, the owl.

In short, embroidery is an incredibly fun, inexpensive, and chic hobby that just about anyone can do. You can take it anywhere… like your local cafe, if you can tolerate the Emo high school and college kids moping over their lattes. The downside is that since everyone will be impressed and amazed that you created something so fabulous, it’s a shame to tell them that it’s so easy!

Lastly, if you think the pattern is slightly off-centered, you are right. I like to tell people that I purposefully made it that way, but that’s a total lie. I wasn’t paying attention and ironed the dang thing on off-centered. So I added the acorns and hoped the whole thing balanced out. My only solace is that it makes the pillow just that much more homemade.

One Response to “Hoot ‘n’ Holler”

  1. Jackie January 24, 2011 at 3:41 pm #

    I envy your crafty nature. I can’t sew (or even copy patterns) to save my life but I can appreciate how darling your pillowcases turn out. I think you should add quick room makeover tips. Adding just a fun, cute, homemade throw pillow can make such a difference to a room!


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