You Say Potato Sack? I Say “Add a Belt”

25 Jan

Hey lovelies!

Last weekend I went out shopping in downtown SLO with a few girlfriends in a hot attempt to find dresses for Vegas. While out, I notoriously was unfocused on the goal at hand and had my eye on this little diddy.

On the sale rack, this rayon dress (can I lie and say it’s linen? no? damn.) hung there like a potato sack. I tried it on and with the elastic waistband the dress picked up a little bit of form. I figured for $15 it was something I could make do with, and brought it home to see if some accessories couldn’t help the poor limp specimen of a dress along.

Ends up, giving this dress some personality was quite easy:

1. The dress originally had some poorly added draw-strings in the front. Of course, the draw strings weren’t attached to the elastic (they were just stitched on), so I cut them off to rid myself of that obtrusion.

2. Adding a wide belt not only covered the eyesore of an elastic waistband, but it helped to break up the dress.

3. A chunky necklace gave the otherwise boring neckline something exciting.

4. The black accessories really brought out the black lace at the bottom of the dress, that I honestly hadn’t noticed until I brought the dress home.

Ta da!

Nice to know that for some dresses, there is life after the sale rack!

2 Responses to “You Say Potato Sack? I Say “Add a Belt””

  1. Heather February 1, 2011 at 9:51 pm #

    Ca-uuuuute! You are so stylish, and you barely even have to try. 😉

  2. Jackie January 25, 2011 at 11:03 am #

    So cute! So chic! I love the addition of the belt and necklace. It’s funny how a few expertly placed accessories can make or break a simple outfit. I found myself buying a plain jane black dress at Ross for $10 and plan to jazz it up a bit more with a belt and cute cardigan.

    Great tips Erin!

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