P.S. I Love You

4 Mar

Last weekend I found myself in yet another conundrum. I wanted to take on a new craft project and yet was empty-handed on what to do. A trip to my local Beverly’s solved my problem ASAP.

Stitchable cards by Sublime Stitching!

I bought a kit with six cards, six envelopes, 4 thread colors and two durable needles. From there, you follow the pattern on the face (and at times interior) of the card in whatever color scheme you wish.

I had a blast stitching my first card – who knew paper was stitchable?

I would definitely recommend this as a completely unique way to send a card. The entire kit ($15) cost me at least what six cards would cost – so you can have customizable cards for the same price as your local card shop.

A retro craft for a retro way to communicate.

Currently, Sublime Stitching doesn’t carry the card kits on their website, but check out what else they have for fun craft ideas here.

What I learned from this new project:

1. Since you are stitching on paper instead of fabric, it’s important to know where your needle comes up. You don’t have the flexibility to poke through again and again until you hit the pattern spot. With paper, any trial needle holes will show! About 2/3 the way through making this initial card, I realized I could poke holes in the pattern before stitching through. You can use your needle or a thumbtack to accomplish this. I did that and it helped tremendously with stitching it out with minimal errors.

2. Paper is a tough stitching medium. It can wear out your fingertips quickly from pushing the needle through and then gripping it to pull on the other side. I’d recommend finding little rubber covers for your stitching thumb and forefinger – it’ll protect them so you can finish a card in one sitting.

Happy stitching!

One Response to “P.S. I Love You”

  1. Jackie March 4, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

    Wow so cute and MUCH cheaper than going to Papayrus or some other card store. I can’t sew to save my life but this actually looks doable!

    Thanks for tips E!

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