A Shoe-In

7 Mar

About a month ago, I decided my dress shoes were horribly out of date. While I will keep up on what is new with clothes, I shamefully fall behind when it comes to footwear. I don’t know why this is the case. Could it be it’s hard to spend money on things that sit between the sole of my foot and the dirty, filthy ground? Perhaps. I also think I have a hard time coming around to where tootsie fashion goes.

Allow me to elaborate on my issue at hand.

2006 – I was the girl who grimaced when flats came out, conjuring thoughts of ladies named Myrtle and Edie wearing these shoes, knee-high nylons slumping down around the ankle, long ago giving up the fight with water retention. I waited the “trend” out about a year when I realized it wasn’t going anywhere. I caved and now own seven or so flats. They encouraged me to embrace my height – all 5’4″ of it.

2009 – I snickered when feet started to feature cagey sandal heels. To me, the shoes looked large and clunky. Could you imagine anything more atrocious on your feet? Alas, I am finally with the program, only two years behind trends.

2010 – Flat boots? Initial response: “Gross. If there is a shoe made to personify the cankle, it’s flat boots.” I now own 2 pairs. Black and brown.

Anyway, after mocking my poor shoe selection, I figured I owed myself a break, ergo new shoes. Last week you saw the sparkly Sam Edelman flats.

First pair: Anne Klein cagey sandals. Watch out 2009! I finally got with the program.

On sale at Macy's for $49

Second pair: Jeffery Campbell low-wedge flats. In navy. I can’t get enough of navy. Help. me.

$27 at Nordstrom Rack

Has the “Shoe Frenzy of 2011” ended yet? To be seen….

One Response to “A Shoe-In”

  1. Betty Glantz March 8, 2011 at 9:03 pm #

    A woman can never have too many shoes… or handbags… or accessories!

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