Spruce Your Space

9 Mar

Sometimes a place needs a little life breathed into it. Sometimes it needs CPR. Here are a few ideas I’ve employed around my place. All these ideas are non-permanent and are inexpensive. Those, to me, are two imperative decor factors when you are a renter.

1. Color-blocking.

Color-blocking with clothes is popular now, but why not do it with literature or other decorative items around your house?

The book at the bottom of the stack, was actually a textbook for a 400 level English class. Honest.

2. New uses for old things.

I had some wrapping paper left over and thought it was darling enough to display. I took a frame I had around the house, along with some black ribbon and picture hanging wire, and made a little piece of decor for my restroom.

3. Say it with flowers.

By mid-week your local floral shop will have discounted bouquets that are on borrowed time. Why not bring an arrangement home to relish the time it has left?


Orange. My favorite color.

4. A tree grows… on your wall?

What are essentially wall stickers for adults, wall decals are fun designs that work well in a restroom or a more casual room in your home. Best part? You can remove the decals without damage, or reuse the same ones over and over.

How do you add touches of decor to your home?

2 Responses to “Spruce Your Space”

  1. Jackie March 11, 2011 at 3:52 pm #

    I totally love how you did the book colors together. I might have to rearrange my bookshelf (one of my favorite activities anyway) so I can match them up!

    I also love the fresh flowers. I sometimes get lazy and do the fake flowers (I know, shame on me) but if you find decent enough ones they look real. But nothing beats fresh!

  2. Heather March 9, 2011 at 10:24 am #

    Love all these ideas, E! I think I will look into trying some today… Jon took the car so it’s what I like to call “Domestic Day” (since I can’t go anywhere, ha!).

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