Everyone Needs Therapy

16 Mar

Early this week I found myself in the South Bay – Man Jose, The Jo, The Concrete Jungle. San Jose lives by many names, but I love that town. Tons of places to go, explore, friends to see, things to eat and to buy. And only a few hours from home. As Charlie Sheen would say, San Jose is “winning!”

It is no surprise that my favorite shop, Therapy, is now headquartered in Campbell, a small enclave of the meaty giant SJ. I first mentioned Therapy in my blog about the doomed pencil skirt. A shop with 5 or 6 regional locations, Therapy features individual designers and clothing makers, uniquely mod furniture and home decor. If you want something chic, modern and colorful for your closet or home, Therapy is the place to go.

This menacing exterior is the Mission Street location. Photo care of http://www.missionlocal.com

My biggest find in my trip to San Jose was this speckled dress from Therapy. Created by Tulle 4 Us, this dress flatters the figure in a very early-60s modern way. The colors are vibrant, but don’t overwhelm the style or the person who is wearing the number. I paired it with a bone colored skinny belt (also from Therapy) and a tomato shrug from Nordstrom’s BP Department, all of which were finds on my shopping trip up in SJ this week.


This outfit might be one of the best combinations I've purchased for myself in eons.

This year, I have four weddings to attend. Granted, I’m in three of these weddings, but this dress will be smashing as a rehearsal dinner dress, or as a guest to a nice springtime wedding.


Freda says her shoulders are her best feature. I told her it's her face.

Additional details of this dress that I love are the pockets, the cinched waist, and the delightful brass button at the nape of the neck.

Until next time, Teal and Tulle shoppers!


Delightful mini reuseable tote!

3 Responses to “Everyone Needs Therapy”

  1. Betty Glantz March 17, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    The perfect spring/summer dress!

  2. Jackie March 16, 2011 at 2:42 pm #

    Okay SO CUTE. I’m a fan of color and this dress and cardigan combo has lots of color which means I am in love. The only problem I’ve encountered is that I can not get the belt around the waist and over the cardigan to look normal on me. I’ve tried. I tried with thick belts, thin belts, long cardigans, short cardigans. It just makes me look frumpy. But on Freda, it is darling! I might have to try again…

    SLO needs a Therapy post haste!


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