Baby Needs Some New Shoes!

14 Apr

This is a short and sweet post about Boyfriend. Not “my” boyfriend or “the” boyfriend. Just Boyfriend. Like a proper noun. That is how I shall henceforth refer to him, to protect his identity. I’m positive that 96% of what I say and do is embarrassing to him. Rightfully so.

Anyway, last Valentine’s Day Boyfriend was on his death-bed. Gravely ill from a severe Man-Flu, we missed enjoying a nice Valentine’s Day together. While I understood the predicament, I was still just a tad disappointed. Just a tad!

About two days after, I received a package at my apartment. Inside this package were a sweater, Giants’ t-shirt, and a pair of pointy-toed Nine West shoes.

I will admit, these shoes would not have been my first choice if I had gone shopping on my own.

…and at one point I might have said to Boyfriend, “your interpretation of my fashion is unique.” Boyfriend still won’t let me live that down.


1. They are in camel and navy – Boyfriend knows I wear those colors ALL the time.So his theory is “what can I not wear with them?”

2. They have the strong structure and form to be expected in Nine West shoes.

3. Boyfriend thought long and hard about what to buy me, and knowing I liked fashion, he went for shoes.


Ends up, with my dark jeans these shoes will match about anything!

How can a girl not love the shoes… and the guy?

2 Responses to “Baby Needs Some New Shoes!”

  1. Bill April 18, 2011 at 8:11 am #

    Really? Just 96% embarrassing to him, more like 98% I think..

    Man-Flu is a very serious illness that woman do not understand, it comes on fast, is devastating and kills the most common of men, only the strong can survive the Man-Flu. This is why it is called Man-Flu. Women would never be able to survive it.. so be happy Boyfriend survived and was able to think clearly to buy Girlfriend such nice gifts.

    PS, who the hell raised you to question such nice gifts?

  2. Jackie April 14, 2011 at 2:32 pm #

    I think with the right jeans or work skirt these shoes are pretty dang cute. I give “boyfriend” an A+ for effort and a B+ for style. If it was Tyler he’d probably buy me a hooded jacket from Costco in pink because I like pink and I’m often cold. Boy reasoning and style often do not mix.

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