Pom Poms: Not Just for Cheerleaders Anymore

27 Jul

There are many benefits to being engaged:

1. Planning an exciting future with Fiance

2. Eating samples of cake

3. Feeling 7% more inspired to exercise

And… one of my favorites…


It seems that many weddings have that do-it-yourself element. Now that is a part of the planning process I can get behind!

I decided to start with something basic – the paper tissue pom pom. I think pom poms would be a darling feature to suspend from the globe light lines along the ceiling of our reception space.

Let’s craft!

Erin’s Festive Wedding Pom Pom

The title is singular because I only made one pom pom to test run if I even like this idea.

What you need to make one pom pom:

8 sheets of tissue paper (sized 20×30)

Wire or twine


Ruler/Measuring tape

Why do I have so much yellow tissue paper laying around?


1. Lay out your eight sheets of tissue paper, stacked on top of each other

2. Fold in an accordion style, in 1.5 inch increments

And... we're folding.... and folding.... and folding

3. Measure to find the halfway point and tie your wire or twine in place to secure the folded tissue

Lula obviously always close at hand.

4. Trim the edges to a point or in a circular shape. Delicately fluff out the layers of tissue

Don't get too zealous or you'll rip the tissue with your Frankie Fingers... or maybe I'm the only one with Frankie Fingers....

5. Admire it hanging from your living room floor lamp. Pretty.

My lamp has a hat.

All in all, I think these will be cute decorative additions to my reception. In the right color and with the rounded edges as opposed to the pointed ones.

4 Responses to “Pom Poms: Not Just for Cheerleaders Anymore”

  1. Jackie July 28, 2011 at 10:14 am #

    I also like that getting engaged has inspired me to be crafty and exercise about 7% more. The downside is eating about 7% more (from stress) so I guess it evens out.

    I like the pom poms! So cheap and chic. I can see you hanging them from the ceiling or trees around the ceremony…

  2. Sheila July 27, 2011 at 9:39 pm #

    Those look like fun!


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