DIY – Pennant Banner

8 Sep

As I mentioned in my last post, one of my best friends is getting married this month, and we were jetting off to Pacific Grove to celebrate her bachelorette.

In addition to volunteering to create the afore-blogged-about tanks, I found myself responsible for getting decor together for the party. Ok, I might have volunteered. And then ran with it. I love that sort of stuff!

One thing I have loved in recent wedding trends is the pennant banner. Often made with fabric and hung at receptions, they are used for cute decor or as signs as to where guests will find the cupcakes or the bride and groom. I thought, “why not make one for the bachelorette?” That question turned into “why not make a super ghetto looking one for the bachelorette?” Mission – Accomplished.

Bachelorette Pennant Banner

Items Needed:

2 yards of fabric, in any style or pattern you want.

10 yards of lace

Straws to glue to top of pennants to run ribbon through

8 yards of black ribbon

Black sequins

Some kind of lettering – either cut out from another texture of fabric, iron-on decals, etc.



Glue Gun

Measuring Tape


Step 1: Cut out pennant triangles and the traced letters.

Go team! Ra ra ra!

I took letters from birthday signs and traced them on the yellow fabric.

Cutting everything out tires you more than you suspect. It's important to replenish with a Fudgsicle mid-way.

Step 2: Glue letters onto pennant triangles.

This is when spelling is important.

Step 3: Set straw along top of pennant, then glue top of triangles over the straw to create a tube along the top.

Step 4: Take ribbon and run it through the straw tubes. Make knots on either side of straw to ensure the pennant piece doesn’t slide around too much.

Step 5: Glue strips of black lace around edges and black sequins in random spots on each pennant piece.

Ended up looking like a chain of unmentionables!

 Final result:

Lula was undoing the lace work on the pennant as I took this photo.

One Response to “DIY – Pennant Banner”

  1. Jackie September 8, 2011 at 10:52 am #

    I love my banner!! Such a cool, easy and affordable way to add decor to any occasion!

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