Spooktacular Costume: Part 1

19 Oct

It’s certainly that time of year – to come up with a creative Halloween costume!

Ever since I hit my late 20s (which I count from 27 up to this point, being 29), and am an engaged lady, it’s a balance of the sort of costumes I should appropriately wear. No longer should I wear the pilot’s costume that I had to cut myself out of (oh 2007, what a year), or the flapper costume that kept me from sitting, bending, or kneeling… frankly anything that would demand the dress to hike up at ALL.

In recent years past, I have been:

1. Mardi Gras

Annie-Get-Your-Glue-Gun made this costume possible

2. Statue of Liberty

Patriotism at its finest

Anyone else appreciate how I like to carry around props with my costumes.

After some careful consideration and research, I decided to be a Native American (the Simplicity sewing kit reminded me that this is the appropriate title for my costume). I thought it would be a fun and creative costume to put together. Not only that, but I’m a sucker for accessories – and this costume is chalk full of them (fringe, turquoise, faux suede). Perhaps Fiance will be a cowboy, or as we should call it these days, a “Livestock Gathering Person,” so we could be a delightfully politically correct depiction of the mid-19th Century Wild West.

The beauty of this year’s costume is that I’m using Hilde to help create it.

Stay tuned to hear how the start of the sewing project goes!

2 Responses to “Spooktacular Costume: Part 1”

  1. Linda October 19, 2011 at 7:55 pm #

    Haha I think the decision to nix any Halloween costume you have to be cut out of is the appropriate choice for an engaged woman. Save that for the bachelorette party.

    Great post btw!

  2. Jackie October 19, 2011 at 9:09 am #

    I think Steve should be a Cowboy to your Indian. Or Native American if I’m being “PC” Actually in my ethnic studies class at Cal Poly I was told the “PC” term is “American Indian”

    Anyway I can’t wait to see your new costume. Making costumes are the best! You can slut it up or de-slut it as much as your heart desires.

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