Spookacular Costume: Part 2

21 Oct

Once I discovered the inspiration for this year’s Halloween costume (Native American), I ran out to Beverly’s immediately to buy my Simplicity “Easy to Sew” pattern and supplies.

Beverly’s stopped me cold on my tracks as they only sold McCall’s patterns, not Simplicity. Since McCall’s patterns don’t have “Easy to Sew” in their titles, I downright refused to purchase such confusing malarkey (damn you, marketing!!). I meandered around downtown until I remembered there is a REAL sewing shop in SLO – Betty’s Fabrics.

No one cares how much polyester and bedazzled accessories you wear here at Betty's.

Betty’s had the exact pattern I was seeking out.

I think once I have this costume on, no one will be able to tell the difference between Erin Bernard and Pocahontas Smith

I received the pattern from the lady behind the counter who inquired, “You need to get the fabric and details, right?” I snapped out of my haze and said “yes!” Unfortunately, I hadn’t thought out beyond selecting a pattern. I flipped the pattern over, which explains how much fabric you need, depending on the costume and the size. For my costume, it also listed the amount of fringe and rick-rack (which I had to Google to figure out what it was) I needed.

As I browsed the shop for the fabric, I came across some camel colored mohair, which seemed to meet my needs and had the look I was going for. After confirming that the fabric wasn’t made from some mysterious creature named “Mo,” (thank you, Google) I took it up to the counter where they measured everything out and cut. I overbought the fringe and mohair, but I figured as a novice sewer, I might need more than the usual suspect. While that was a pricey decision, ended up, it was a good idea (please see future blog for this reference). 

My loot

 In the next installment of the Spookacular Costume, I’ll be exploring the scary world of confusing patterns, cutting fabric (measure twice cut once!), and what happens when your arm stitches prevent it from fitting over your head.

One Response to “Spookacular Costume: Part 2”

  1. Jackie October 21, 2011 at 9:22 am #

    I can’t wait to see the finished product! Homemade costumes are the BEST! 🙂

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