Spookacular Costume: Part 3

24 Oct

Now at home with my loot, it was time to start with the pattern.

After reading the instructions about 17 times over, I got the confidence to know which pattern and size I needed to cut out. I even measured myself using a measuring tape so I would select the right size. Yup, no cutting corners for me!

There's no going back once you commit to a size and cut it out. Ironing the pattern will help even out creases

The pattern comes printed on tissue paper (which I was constantly afraid of tearing), and you match up the numbered pattern to your instruction sheet. I needed two pieces: one for the front and one for the back.

After cutting out the pattern, I pinned it to the fabric. The front pattern piece is laid right where the fold of fabric is, so you end up cutting one piece for the front (unfold it and there is your other side). For the back, you cut it along the edge and will sew it up along the back.

Once you apply scissors to anything, it gets serious.

Next came what seemed to be the slightly easier part. I inserted darts along the arm/breast area (I only had to rip out the stitches on one side, and only had to do that once. Aren’t I a stud?).

Simply Dart-ling.

After that, I stitched along the neckline to keep the fabric from distorting (I just do what Simplicity tells me), then stitched up the backside of the garment.

This went seamlessly. Yes, I just said that.

Next, I pinned together the two swatches of fabric, tried it on and discovered a rather snug fit, but opted to sew it together anyway. Because clearly my hips were going to lose 2 inches on either side in those 20 minutes or whatever it was.

This caused Fiance to tightly smile and inquire as to whether the costume will look good or not. I cannot promise anything at this point.

From there, the instructions in the Simplicity packet trailed off. I was left to guess with the arms and finalizing the neckline. So, I started with the arms.

After struggling on how to sew them, and clearly doing it wrong, I decided to try on the dress again to ensure it’s fit.

I must have done a real number on the arm openings, as I couldn’t even get the dress over my head. After standing there with my arms trapped in fabric, high in the air, I decided the battle had been lost. I would have to undo just too much bad work on this costume to make it worth my while.

Now remember back to when I overbought the fabric? This is when my assumption that I might need more came in handy BECAUSE I HAD TO START OVER.

Back at the drawing board, I cut out the pattern once more and then took what I had learned and applied it from the get-go. I followed the instructions are before, with the exception of “pre-pinning” all the edges so I wouldn’t struggle with doing so later on. I also modified the neckline at the beginning as well.

I took the liberty of cutting out the pattern in a more forgiving size, so I would have room to take it in through the waist to create a more draping fit. After some “Erin Modifications” the dress came together in a basic sack shape that actually fits me.

I thought I had done so well until I saw the puckering along the hem line of the (second) dress. DAMMIT!

That’s where I decided it was a good place to stop for the night.

In the next installment of Spookacular Costume, I’ll be cleaning up the hems and adding the fringe and rick-rack. Then it’s time to explore decorative pieces for the garment itself!

2 Responses to “Spookacular Costume: Part 3”

  1. Frankie Fingers Senior October 24, 2011 at 1:54 pm #

    This sounds like a Frankie Fingers project!

    • tealandtulle October 24, 2011 at 1:58 pm #

      You got that right. Gram would’ve laughed at how bad I stitched the arms!

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