Blog Tag and I’m It!

16 Feb

For something of a different speed today.

I was tagged in a fellow blogger’s post – Linda Vernon Humor. The rules of the game – I am supposed to answer a series of questions about myself.

I'm sure people have choice words to describe me

Here we go!

Describe yourself in seven words:

Out-going – I learned this about myself after I took 3 public speaking courses at Cal Poly (only needed 1 for the degree requirement).

Crafty – I’m constantly seeing ideas and thinking to myself “I could make that.” More often than not I’m just setting myself up for disaster.

Amusing – to quote a conversation between myself and Fiance:

Me: “Is everything I say amazing?”

Fiance *looks at me sideways *: “Amazing? No. Amusing? Yes.”

Studious – I like to think that I’m always putting myself out there to try new hobbies/crafts/styles/ideas. Why not learn something new?

Observant – I appreciate observing people and processing why they do what they do. Also a handy tool to observe your own quirks.

Baker/Novice Cook – I love finding new recipes, modifying them and making them my own. Some are hits, some are misses and a few require Alka Seltzer as a dessert. Don’t worry – I only share the winners on Teal and Tulle.

Gingery – I have red hair. It was the feature that made me feel like I stood out as a kid, and is the same feature that makes me feel like an individual as an adult.

What keeps you up at night?

“Did I unplug the heater downstairs?”

“Did I bring in my painting project from outside?”

“The cat is sitting on my head”

Who would you like to be?

A blend of Martha Stewart (without the prison record, the bad family relationships, or dowdy clothes – think of her crafting talent mixed with her more fashionable days back in the 1960s) and Zooey Deschanel (mostly for her fashion and ability to put herself out there doing a variety of things).

circa 1965

What are you wearing right now?

Purple button-down plaid J Crew shirt, heather gray cardigan, straight-legged jeans with black knee-high boots.

What scares you?

Not pursuing something in life because I think it’s too late.

The best and worst of blogging.

Best: Putting my ideas out there for myself (and hopefully others) to see. It also inspires me to continue growing as a crafter.

Worst: The dry spells of what to blog about. Sometimes I think “I’ve run out of crafts” As IF that is EVER possible.

The last website I visited.

Hello Giggles

What is the one thing you would change about yourself? 

I wish I could get through an entire rotation of Crest Whitestrips. I have several half packs around the house and office.

Slankets yes or no?

A backwards robe? Yes please.

Tell us something about the person who tagged you.

Linda Vernon writes a delightful humor blog. She is the mother of one of my closest friends. She’s petite, kind, funny and has the same fluffy blonde hair as her daughter.

One Response to “Blog Tag and I’m It!”

  1. Linda Vernon February 16, 2012 at 9:44 am #

    Great answers Erin! I feel we know the woman behing teal and tulle much better now! I like Zoey too. She always looks so cute. Martha without the prison record! It’s still amazing to me that Martha Stewart went to jail and it really didn’t hurt her reputation that much. Anyway enjoyed this. It was amazingly amusing (as Steve might say)!

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