Weekend Round-up

12 Mar

Hope everyone had a good weekend – the weather took a turn to winter, which to me was a welcome reprieve. With the week looking like rain, and Fiance traveling for most of it, it’s a good one to work on some upcoming wedding crafts.

Pennant Flags

This weekend was an obsession of pennant flag garlands (pennant flags strung together). I made so many that Fiance politely suggested I stop on Sunday night, as we were starting to have so many that we were running out of places to hang them in the reception space.

Fiance documenting my pennant flag creating.

This was after I glued the flags on the rope going backwards - we were close to having it say "N-I-R-E & E-V-E-T-S." That's when you know it's time to take a break.

It’s clear why Fiance asked me to stop production. It was a rampage. I would like to kindly point out that I did not photograph or post all of the flag garlands I made….

Cheerio Marshmallow Treats

After going through the pantry I discovered a bag of mini marshmallows that were begging to be used. Why do we have mini marshmallows? If you have to ask that, then clearly you do not appreciate the magic that goes into possessing such teeny, tiny little mallows of marsh.

It’s not rocket science – but if you must know: 5 C Cheerios (we had multi-grain on hang), 1 10.5 oz bag of mini marshmallows, and 3 TBSP butter/margarine. Melt margarine, add marshmallows to melt, remove from heat, stir in Cheerios. Use a greased spoon or spatula to move to a pre-greased 13×9 baking dish. Allow to set.


Flower Power

We have the most darling flowergirl on the planet. As a little token of appreciation for her future efforts, I assembled a little jewelry box full of goodies any 3 year old would love. A simple wooden box from Beverly’s, wood decals from Michael’s help personalize the item, and a little painting on your end with some basic craft paint (I painted this one a nice cream color, with the K painted purple), makes a little personalized gift.

Despite the K looking like a morbid black, it IS purple. I swear!

As for what is coming up this week – finalizing wedding centerpieces and cleaning up the details of already created items. Not to mention test running a new cookie recipe – Sour Cream Cookies. Gee, my life sounds THRILLING.

BOO! More pennant flags – as if you were just thinking “I wished Erin had posted more pennant flag pictures, I just can’t get enough.” Well, you are welcome.

4 Responses to “Weekend Round-up”

  1. Jackie March 12, 2012 at 4:07 pm #

    Yum to the mallows! The “whole grain” aspect makes one feel less guilty. I know if I made them I’d feel completely justified eating the entire batch. You know, for FIBER.

    Your wedding decor is quite cute! I think Fiance should accept the fact that you will most likely be reusing as many crafts as possible as house decor. I would!

  2. Linda Vernon March 12, 2012 at 12:15 pm #

    Those flags are really cute. And I’ll have to give the Cherios/marshmellows a try. They look delicious! Cute boxes too!

    • tealandtulle March 12, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

      Thanks Linda – I realized that neither of us were eating our super healthy Cheerios. So I solved the problem by dumping in butter and marshmallow. Now they are no longer good for us (solved problem #1) and we are eating them (solved problem #2).


  1. Wedding Project Round-Up – A Retrospective « teal and tulle - May 18, 2012

    […] When I made my variety of pennant flag garlands – I wasn’t sure exactly how they would be utilized. Ends up, the groom and groomsmen came up with a great solution. Not only is our ceremony nicely framed, but you’d never see how poorly I painted those letters on each fabric flag. The original project is in this Weekend Round-Up. […]

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