Weekend Round-up

24 Apr

This weekend, we spent time in SF, attending a friend’s wedding at the Olympic Club.

The Olympic Club is the premiere athletic club of San Francisco, with around 5000 members. The club is probably best known for having US Open caliber golf courses that perch along the Pacific Ocean. Besides, any place that boasts a cardio solarium is pretty awesome in my book (whatever a solarium is – the word just sounds awesome). 

Where we were was the historical downtown location on Post St. The club reminded me of an overtly masculine Hearst Castle, which as I learned from the Olympic Club’s website, William Randolph Hearst was on the club’s board. Oh, Internets… where would we be without you?

Anyway, this event smacked of beauty and class. And there was I, two and a half years removed from SF residency, dying to whip out my camera to snap some photos.I must have been the only person who was visiting the club for the first time, as I didn’t see anyone else taking the opportunity to photograph our surroundings. So, I caved to peer pressure and didn’t take any pictures. As a consolation prize, I took a picture of the cityscape. This is looking into the edge of the Tenderloin, which can be a tad rough at 8:45 on a Sunday morning. It’s about the time crack wears off anyway.

This wedding inspired us to create programs for our ceremony. Of course, I can’t just print out paper and crease them into a folded pamphlet, as fiance thought would happen. I will be crafting some nice decorative details on them. Should have a post about that in a week or so. Let’s hope it doesn’t take any longer, or else I’ll have 100 programs that are for an event that has already passed.

In other news, I completed the card ‘box’ for the reception, and am getting started on a mini cross-stitch project for myself. Stay tuned for that one.

Oh, the anticipation. Sing it, Carly Simon.

3 Responses to “Weekend Round-up”

  1. Linda Vernon April 26, 2012 at 7:51 pm #

    I bet that was a fun wedding. The weather looks like it was nice too. I love the Olympic Club, I’ve only been there once for lunch for some reason or other — I don’t remember why — isn’t that weird. But I remember being duly impressed. I love taking pictures in SF there’s always something fascinating wherever you look. Jim and I meet for lunch in SF every Friday so I get lots of photo ops!

  2. Frankie Fingers Senior April 24, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

    How cute is that card holder??

  3. Jackie April 24, 2012 at 10:47 am #

    What a cute birdcage/card holder idea! Your wedding will surely be a craft-tastic affair!

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