Weekend Round-up

16 Jul

This past weekend was another adventure down in Southern California. This time around, we were heading down to the Inland Empire for the wedding of my freshman college roommate, Meghan (or, more affectionately, Turbo). It was the first, and probably the last, time I’ll have my hair and make-up done by a Hollywood professional. It was a sweltering, happy day and we had a blast.

On our way down, we stopped in Pasadena for a little lunch. An adorable downtown (Pasadena’s greatest offense is it’s location in the LA area – it would be so much better if, say, propped along the Peninsula up north) with excellent eateries and shops – we lucked out with quite possibly the best place on the block, Abricott. My husband picked the place – a shout-out to him for having good taste! A few glimpses of the inside of the restaurant and of our dishes makes it quite clear why we completely enjoyed our quick detour.

Once home last night, too exhausted from the 300 mile drive, I pulled together a simple chicken and dumplings dinner. I was pulling it from a long ago memory of a recipe I used for this dish, but I couldn’t find the recipe anywhere (not online, not in my cookbooks). So it was recreated from the best of my recollection (I’m lucky to remember my name, so recalling a recipe is a crap-shoot at best). Look for this recipe as a post for the end of this week!

4 Responses to “Weekend Round-up”

  1. Linda Vernon July 18, 2012 at 11:33 am #

    That soup looks good enough to eat every twenty minutes all day long. 😀

  2. Jackie July 16, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

    Let me guess, you ate the sandwhich and fries and Steve had the noodle soup? 😉

    That dumpling soup looks quite good for pulling it from thin air!


  1. Chicken and Dumplings Soup « teal and tulle - July 20, 2012

    […] I mentioned earlier this week on my most recent Weekend Round-Up, we were out of town the entire weekend, and once back home Sunday night – I had to come up […]

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