Green with Envy

8 Aug

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my husband and I have been working on refurnishing our living space. New couches, ottomans, area rugs and wall art are all coming our way, I ruined updated our remaining furniture by installing new knobs, and it’s time to sell off Target brand pieces or hand-me-down items.

Of course, while we are parting with the old and embracing the new, we aren’t necessarily throwing the baby out with the bath water either. I’m keeping a few items in hopes that I can morph them from my former shabby-chic look to a more hip mid-century modern look.

One piece is my little wall table – which was featured in my first post on Teal and Tulle. I bought it at a fashionable shabby chic shop here in town, loving the sloppily briskly painted legs and unique aqua color. It fit my pre-war apartment so well.

But as we move in a new decorating direction, the color and shabby-chic style no longer suits us.

But instead of tossing it out, I opted to paint it in one of our new decor colors, inspired by this fabric pattern, which is now sewn into a pillow cover and can be seen here.

Since our furniture will be orange and gray (our loveseat/ottoman and full-sized couch, respectively), I chose to paint the table a vibrant green shade

I started with sanding the table to create the grip necessary for the new paint to stick. I then painted on one coat to soak in overnight. The next day the color was a hilarious and really fun mixture of the aqua and green.

I realized this would be a three-coat commitment, so I buckled down for a second coat the following day, and the aqua began to disappear.

Finally, I finished with a third coat, and took the time, once dried, to sand down any drips or areas where the paint ran (since the legs were beveled, it was easy for the paint to get trapped or drip).

End result!

2 Responses to “Green with Envy”

  1. Jackie August 8, 2012 at 4:36 pm #

    Cute! I love bright colors. And I also love how you coordinate your book covers to match!! I can’t wait to see the living room once it’s all jazzed up.


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    […] to paint the little table a bright color – you might recognize the same paint color from here – and put it in the upstairs landing area. Between the paint (originally $15), the table ($19) and […]

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