Terrarium by Design

20 Nov

So, I was in Beverly’s the other day, buying a Christmas gift for my best friend, when it dawned upon me that I wanted to make a terrarium.

My inspiration was this, from a blogger I follow and secretly adore. I loved that she made a terrarium with dinosaurs and thought it would be perfect on our bookcase. Besides, dinosaurs are rad.

When I went to check out at Beverly’s, buying all my supplies, the cashier KNEW MY NAME.


She KNEW my name. As in “What are we making today, Erin?”

And I know her name. It’s Dana. She sews her own work aprons and embroiders neat little frames for her name tag. She said if I worked there I’d find out all about other crafting ideas that I never knew existed.

If anyone hears of a crafting twelve step program, let me know.

So after my trip down the rabbit hole that is otherwise known as Beverly’s, I came home with all my terrarium goodies and got down to brass tax.

First, I laid the groundwork of pebbles and moss.

I painted the dinosaurs because they seemed so much more glamorous gold, rather than earth tones.

I made a tiny string of ribbon flags.

Balanced dinosaurs on moss, and ta da!

2 Responses to “Terrarium by Design”

  1. Jackie November 20, 2012 at 4:33 pm #

    This is so cute!! I like yours better than the one that inspired you. It’s a good thing you don’t work at Beverly’s or you’d spend your entier paycheck on crafts and other goodies. Dana probably does. 🙂


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    […] and older women who sew their own work smocks and embroider their own name tags, and who know me by name, Michael’s employs people who don’t know the difference between Martha Stewart and […]

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