Tag You’re It!

4 Dec

Last week, I received one of my favorite idea catalogs in the mail.


Inside, they had a variety of suggestions on creating your own gift tags. Best part of what I saw was that the DIY project  would allow me to use up some supplies I had on hand from last year’s holiday and from our wedding.


The process was easy. Steps one through three involved cutting the cardstock down to tag size, trimming the edges with a decorative paper cutter, then hole punching the top for the red and white twine to loop through.


Once the tags were made, it was time to embellish them. I had plenty of textured, colorful stickers from last year, as well as a mini collection of holiday stamps. Even Lula got involved in the fun. Mostly by knocking my writing pen off the table repeatedly.



The end results –


How do you personalize the holidays?

2 Responses to “Tag You’re It!”

  1. Jackie December 4, 2012 at 10:50 am #

    Gorgeous! Sadly I don’t personalize the holidays with beautiful crafts or tags. Instead I usually buy store bought tags and write dorky movie quotes on them (a family tradition) in the “From” section. I’m not sure how that got started but we do it every year.

    I love that Lula wants in on the crafting action in these pics!

    • tealandtulle December 4, 2012 at 11:34 am #

      Ha! My family likes doing code names and clues on what the gifts are. Something vague that gets the wheels in your mind going – always fun!

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