Easy Valance

19 Jul

As I posted last week, I’ve been working on various projects for the nursery for this life we are bringing into the world (crap-crap-crap-crap!).

The first project I took on was creating and building a valance for the window. It ends up being a very easy project with BIG results. I find myself sitting in there admiring my work – and I know how easy it was to make!

I didn’t document the steps as I normally do with pictures, so hopefully my written instructions suffice. And if they don’t suffice…. eh. I can’t muster the umph to come up with a witty response that doesn’t borderline on inappropriate or bitchy.


Step 1:Preparation

Lay your board flat on the ground and calculate the measurements for your fabric. I painted my 2×4 the same color as the walls, but this step isn’t necessary.

You’ll need enough fabric to run the length of the board, as well as the edges on either side, plus an inch on either side for the hem.

Fabric length can vary on preference – but I recommend 10-12 inches (add an inch on either end for the hem).

Measure your fabric at least twice and double-check your calculations before cutting anything. Once you are sure, go ahead and cut your fabric.

Step 2: More preparation

I swear, the actual sewing part of any project is sidelined by all the prepping a person does.

If your fabric is thick or heavy, then don’t worry about lining it. If your fabric is thinner, like mine, then you may want to line it.

Lining the fabric is simply cutting out a light, solid material to the size of your valance fabric and sewing it together. Make sure your fabrics are ironed completely and pinned together to ensure no wrinkles or folds.

Measure where you want your hem to be. Usually you will want to fold over the edges of the fabric twice, so 1/2 inch for each fold, 1 inch on each side. Mark the measurements with a sewing pencil or chalk.

Iron the hems of your fabric, following your measurement marks, for ease of straight sewing. Pin the hems for extra hold while you sew.

Step 3: Sew

Sew the hems of your valance fabric close to the ironed edge of the hemline. Iron again if necessary.

Step 4: Staple Fabric to 2×4

This step may take two people – one to hold the fabric in place and the other to staple.

Lay out your fabric on the ground and place your 2×4 over it. Make sure the ends of the fabric will go around the board – at least a 1/2 inch to the back of the board for stapling.

Staple one end of the fabric to the board, folding over the edge like you would wrap a gift. Staple going down the board, which will help keep the fabric taut. When you reach the other end, staple your fabric in the same fashion as the first end.

Step 5: Hang Valance

This step will definitely take two people. One to hold the valance and the other to screw it to the wall.

Drill the L brackets onto the valance, flipping up the fabric and drilling part of the L bracket to the 2×4, and leaving the other side free (to be drilled into the wall).

Measure your wall and hold the valance up above the window. Use a level to ensure evenness of the valance. While one person holds the valance in place, have the other person drill the screws into the open spots on the L brackets. Make sure your fabric isn’t tucked behind the 2×4 where it might get stuck after you are finished hanging it.

That’s it!


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