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Anniversary Party

11 Nov
Anniversary Party

Bobi stretch lace dress
$79 – revolveclothing.com

Dolce&Gabbana burgundy shoes
389 – profilebrighton.co.uk

Tear drop earrings
$40 – fantasyjewelrybox.com
Tonight I’m attending a social club’s anniversary party. I picked up a new dress earlier this week (example seen above, Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen look-a-like not included). I plan to sport my new duds with some wine colored accessories (lesser examples also seen above). 
This might be my first dress since childhood that has sleeves and lace. What an interesting concept. Granted, in childhood those sleeves were puffy and that lace was in the form of eyelet trim (my mom would’ve “eyelet” the family cat if she could’ve – that’s how much she loved eyelet in the 1980s).
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