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Two Hundred

11 Jul

This post marks my two hundredth post on Teal and Tulle.

200 post star

I have posted 200 craft, recipe, and lifestyle ideas. Some good, some bad, some really stupid. I mean, why don’t I delete this one? The pictures are horrible.

I have given little-to-no a lot of thought on what I wanted to post for this monumental occasion. I decided since this is my blog about crap I like to do, I’m going to make this post about me.

You’re welcome.

Five Neat-o Things In My Life, Aside from Giving Myself a Gold Star for 200 Posts

1. This guy.

He is called Fancy Boy. Why? Because he’s my kid and I’ll call him whatever I want.


2. My Grand Grad Program

danland_logoNeat, right?

It’s the 5th best master’s program in the country for this subject and they admitted little ole me. This has been an achievement at least one active year in the making and several years inactively pining away at this goal. I worked very hard to get to this point and I’m very pleased for what may be next.

And NO. This doesn’t mean this blog will become one about the 4th, 5th, or 6th Amendments.

An homage to this group? Maybe.

Just maybe.

3.Tackling My First Counted Cross Stitch Project in Five Years

Anyone who knows about counted cross stitch read that statement and either sucked in a gasp of air or uttered the phrase “why?”

To explain, counted cross stitch is a needle-art where you read a project pattern that is covered with tiny little squares, all denoted with symbols that coordinate to certain tread colors. Here’s a pattern example:


From there, you use a fabric (called an Aida Cloth) that is woven together, which creates little tiny squares that match up with the squares on your pattern. You embroider the squares as directed on the pattern, counting the squares as you work. Confusing, right?

It totally is.

Why am I doing this?

Because I’m stitching a Christmas stocking for Fancy Boy.


I know, I know. I’m adding it to the list of things he’ll never appreciate. Much like his lack of appreciation of me giving up copious amounts of caffeine and booze until his birth.

4. Lula’s Second Anniversary

This little kitten won me over two years ago this week and we haven’t looked back since. She has gone from hiding under the guest bed for days on end to only hiding under the throw pillows in our bedroom when guests (mostly unwelcome in her book) arrive. She is a great companion (to me, not guests) and is always by my side ready for a sewing project.


5. I’m so ready for another 200 posts on Teal & Tulle


I’ll try and keep it mostly about crafts and food, and a lot less about criminal behavior.

However, that statement led me to discover that this is really a thing.

Can you imagine the dialogue behind admiring the piece of art?

Idiot 1: Where did you get that?
Idiot 2: Online. Painted by someone serving 6-9 for gang motivated robbery.
Idiot 1: Neat!

One Lovely Blog Award

27 Jun



Little ole me who started this blog eighteen months ago with seven loyal readers?

Why, yes, me!

I was awarded the “One Lovely Blog Award” by Michelle at Michelleswordpressyay. Michelle’s blog is about her life and adventures living in Connecticut and working in NYC. It reminds me of my time working in SF and I love to see her beautiful images and the creative craft ideas she comes up with. Certainly a blogger after my own heart. How can you not love a blogger who, in her about page, states “Burritos: Details and photos of the burritos that have changed my life.” Thank you, Michelle for the acknowledgement and tip of the hat by giving me the One Lovely Blog Award. And congrats on receiving the award yourself just a few short weeks ago!

The Guidelines of the One Lovely Blog Award

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them – already done… I’m rocking this checklist!
  • Share 7 things about yourself – asking an only child to talk about herself is like asking a kitten to not be furry.

  • Nominate 10-15 bloggers you admire – fifteen is, um, a lot. But, check out the ten blogs I nominated below.
  • Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know – I can manage that.
7 Things About Me
  1. I am a kitty parent to the sweetest little calico named Lula and a large gray tabby named Hendrix.
  2. Fifty three days ago I got married (and the groom is a pretty cool guy – so far, so good). I’m 74% on my way to tying Kim Kardashian’s respectable marriage record of 72 days. Watch out, KK – I’m coming for you!

    (c) Ken Kienow

  3. I’m a Ginger. Having red hair is awesome. I once dated a guy who suggested I dye my hair blonde. Let’s say he didn’t stay around much longer after that.
  4. I sewed 150 napkins for our wedding reception. It took months of ironing and pinning fabric, then pumping the sewing machine’s accelerator,  but I wouldn’t trade the effort for the world.

    (c) Ken Kienow

  5. I have a degree in English and minor in Economics. I have worked in finance almost the entire 7 years I’ve been out of college. The creativity I’m inspired to share on Teal and Tulle keeps me balanced with the practicality of my day job.
  6. If on a desert island, the three foods I would not be able to live without would be brown rice, eggplant and chocolate tart frozen yogurt – specifically from here.
  7. On that note, while I grew up in a small town, I spent my early and mid 20s in San Francisco. Now that I am no longer there, I realize it was my home and I miss it every day of my life. Maybe someday I’ll make my way back there.

10 Blogs I follow/admire thanks for the entertainment, great ideas and inspiration

  1. Pink Parsley
  2. Sadie and Dasie
  3. Birch Fabric
  4. On the Corner of Haight and Hyde
  5. Healthy Nine to Fiver
  6. Linda Vernon Humor
  7. SheDrinksHeEats
  8. Made by Mike
  9. Beauty and the Best of the Rest
  10. Love and I Do
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