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Fifty Thousand, Two Hundred and Twenty Square Inches of FUN

8 Feb

Based on my nifty math skills, that’s how many inches of fabric I’ve sewn into napkins over the past several months for our upcoming wedding reception.

I blame my crafting brain. This is the same brain that loves to shriek “Oh I can make that!” while shopping around town or reading the posts of more talented bloggers. My brain’s lofty goals result with mixed crafting results.

Deep in thought over sewing things that are beyond my capabilities.

Some months ago I had this fantastic idea of DIY wedding napkins (which has led to DIY centerpieces, pennant flags, frames, boxes, etc.). To the surprise of my biggest skeptic (me), I have finally finished said napkins.

Sewing (hopefully) slightly more than we anticipate needing, I have made 155 napkins, now neatly organized and sorted by color and pattern.

Napkins stacked and ready for May 5th.

You’d think after 155 fabric swatches, ironing 620 edges, pinning creased corners, and endless pedal pushing, I’d be a pro at sewing.

A straight stitch line is an elusive feat.

Let’s not confuse tenacity for agility or talent.

That focus is the look of determination.... not expertise.

The job is done and I loved every minute. However, if anyone takes a close gander at the stitch work, they will find the rookie wobbles of the stitches, the stops and starts of the thread. This is why I plan to have a substantial cocktail hour before anyone reaches their tables to inspect my work.

The crafting train continues (who doesn’t love a transportation analogy?) as now I’m jumping full force into our centerpieces. So far this is what I have:

A start, I suppose.

More on this project later this week!

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