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Maternity Style – Summer to Fall

23 Aug

Being pregnant brings a whole new challenge to getting dressed every day.
You buy some key maternity pieces to get you though, but the trick is to make
parts of your old wardrobe work double duty.

Not all ok honestly most won’t of your pre-pregnancy items will make
the cut, but thanks to things like Bella Bands and the comfort of wedge
heels, you can manage to feel and look somewhat like your former self
(instead of the hog beast that you feel like the rest of the time).

Immediately below is my Polyvore interpretation of this outfit (I love this
blogger – she has a great style for maternity and post-maternity looks) and
below is me at 29 weeks.

Happy Friday. Have some wine for me.

Maternity Style - Summer to Fall

Vero Moda blue blazer
$59 – zalando.co.uk

Joe s Jeans clothing
$225 – zalando.co.uk

Made spike necklace
$55 – asos.com

Road Trip

18 Jun
Road Trip

Mango loose top
€13 – placedestendances.com

H m blazer
£15 – hm.com

Mango slim fit pants
£20 – mango.com

Wedge sandals
$50 – modcloth.com

Under One Sky oversized tote
$28 – nordstrom.com

Circle jewelry
$38 – nordstrom.com

Last weekend my husband and I took a day trip to LA – not for anything glamorous (car repairs), but I tried to make the most of visiting suburbia by jazzing up my wardrobe. I didn’t take any pictures of myself (there’s also nothing glamorous about strutting around strip malls), but here’s a great example of what I wore that day. At least I felt pretty good while discount shopping at Nordstrom Rack. That counts for something, right?

It’s In The Bag

1 Jun
Cassie's Purse Outfit

Loft maternity
$85 – loft.com

Tory Burch leather ballet flat
£220 – harrods.com

Marc by Marc Jacobs nylon tote bag
$178 – nordstrom.com

Kate Spade gold plated jewelry
$120 – couture.zappos.com
So, my good friend Cassie has been drooling over this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag for some time now (ok – maybe it’s only been a few days – but for someone who REALLY wants something, a few days can be a lifetime).
Always being the enabler, I helped her justify several reasons why this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is for her. It’s colorful, useable, washable, and very summery.
I even went onto Polyvore and built her an outfit around this bag, which is what you see above. Not like she needs to be sold on it, but it’s fun to bring the bag to life.
Clearly, the outfit I built is for a woman who is expecting, like my friend. So our top reason for buying this bag is how useable it will be for her as a chic diaper bag. And, in the meantime, as a chic handbag for a girls’ getaway weekend this summer to Santa Barbara.
Might as well break the purse in before the baby arrives.
Anyone? Bueller?

Trends Better Off Left in 2011

21 Dec
Trends Better Off Left in 2011

Kain silk blouse
$189 – otteny.com

Aqua skinny leg jeans
$68 – bloomingdales.com

Alejandro Ingelmo platform pumps
$208 – bloomingdales.com
I don’t know about you all, but I firmly believe there are some things in fashion that are better off left to rot and die.
1. Blousey, blousey, bloomy tops – I’m so tired of “maternity wear” for non-pregnant women. It’s not flattering, everything is distorted and oversized. Frankly, I suspect it allows clothing manufacturers to produce items that are poorly designed. How can you tell how it is supposed to fit when it looks like a garbage sack or a moving box on your upper body?
2. Festive colorful pants – I have met one woman (ONE) who has successfully worn colored denim. Well, they were fitted red corduroys and they worked. However, this trend is high risk, low reward.
3. Platform pumps – I’ve tried on these types of shoes once. In doing so caused an argument in my subconscious:
Hopeful Erin: “Oh, I look so tall!”
Practical Erin: “I don’t know, it’s sort of wabbly being 5’10”
Hopeful Erin: “My legs, they go for like 28 inches now. That might as well be forever!”
Practical Erin: “Are we listing?”
Hopeful Erin: “No, we are casually leaning to the side. We intend to do this.”
Practical Erin: “Our ankles hurt.”
Hopeful Erin: “We are like a Kardashian. If they had a ginger one.”
Practical Erin: “But we don’t like the Kardashians. And we look like an idiot in these shoes.”
Hopeful Erin: *Sighs and kicks off pumps  * “Agreed.”

Make Do and Mend

25 Nov
Make Do and Mend

Metal jewelry
$15 – modcloth.com

Ms. Fix It Tape Dispenser
$20 – modcloth.com
I have been pining after this “Make Do and Mend” sign for about a month now, and when I did a search for it, I found these other sewing items that are just darling. How else can I show my novice passion for sewing napkins and really bad costumes than a sewing machine tape dispenser and a little medallion necklace? I imagine people would see my sewing machine tape dispenser and we’d have this conversation:Person: Wow. That’s cool.
Me: I know.
Person: Are you into sewing?
Me: Not only am I into sewing, I’m seriously AMAZING at sewing napkins.
Person: But isn’t that just sewing a straight line to make a square piece of fabric?
Me: Shut up! You don’t know! *runs away*

Anniversary Party

11 Nov
Anniversary Party

Bobi stretch lace dress
$79 – revolveclothing.com

Dolce&Gabbana burgundy shoes
389 – profilebrighton.co.uk

Tear drop earrings
$40 – fantasyjewelrybox.com
Tonight I’m attending a social club’s anniversary party. I picked up a new dress earlier this week (example seen above, Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen look-a-like not included). I plan to sport my new duds with some wine colored accessories (lesser examples also seen above). 
This might be my first dress since childhood that has sleeves and lace. What an interesting concept. Granted, in childhood those sleeves were puffy and that lace was in the form of eyelet trim (my mom would’ve “eyelet” the family cat if she could’ve – that’s how much she loved eyelet in the 1980s).

If you build it, it’s almost like shopping for real…

1 Nov
Fall Compilation

I found this great site called Polyvore (the benefit of wasting time on Pinterest) - so I built a cute fall outfit from some of my favorite discount shops! It sure saves my wallet this week from physical shopping...

H M flared dress
13 – hm.com

With Love From CA grey tight
$9.50 – pacsun.com

Forever21 hook earrings
$4.80 – forever21.com

H M acrylic scarve
7.99 – hm.com

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