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Going Loopy

18 Apr

With the wedding a mere few weeks away, there are just a few lingering projects that need to be completed.

One of them is attaching a sash to the flowergirl dress.

When the bridesmaid/mom and I came up with this great idea of tying a ribbon sash around the flowergirls’ waist, neither of us considered just how it would all stay together.

In reality, belts, ribbons and other waist adornments have a tendency to ride up the waist when not held in place by loops or ties. Especially when you are an energetic three-year-old who will certainly be on the move.

At first, I thought I would sew the sash onto the dress, but the prospect of ruining the dress terrified me.

There the sash hung, mocking me.

But then, I realized I could just create belt loops and attach them to the sides of the dress, then run the ribbon sash through it. Of course, how the hell do you make belt loops?

Ends up, it’s rather easy.

Belt Loops:

Step 1: Make a slipknot. Instructions on how to make a slipknot are here (this is handy for crafters and serial killers, alike):

Step 2: Continue to make a series of slipknots until your thread is tied into a chain stitch long enough to act as a belt loop:

Step 3: Hand stitch the completed belt loops onto the sides of the dress:

Step 4: Admire how rad you are at crafting:

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