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Weekend Round-up

16 Jul

This past weekend was another adventure down in Southern California. This time around, we were heading down to the Inland Empire for the wedding of my freshman college roommate, Meghan (or, more affectionately, Turbo). It was the first, and probably the last, time I’ll have my hair and make-up done by a Hollywood professional. It was a sweltering, happy day and we had a blast.

On our way down, we stopped in Pasadena for a little lunch. An adorable downtown (Pasadena’s greatest offense is it’s location in the LA area – it would be so much better if, say, propped along the Peninsula up north) with excellent eateries and shops – we lucked out with quite possibly the best place on the block, Abricott. My husband picked the place – a shout-out to him for having good taste! A few glimpses of the inside of the restaurant and of our dishes makes it quite clear why we completely enjoyed our quick detour.

Once home last night, too exhausted from the 300 mile drive, I pulled together a simple chicken and dumplings dinner. I was pulling it from a long ago memory of a recipe I used for this dish, but I couldn’t find the recipe anywhere (not online, not in my cookbooks). So it was recreated from the best of my recollection (I’m lucky to remember my name, so recalling a recipe is a crap-shoot at best). Look for this recipe as a post for the end of this week!

Pennant Flag Adorned Programs

22 May

Just before our big day, Fiance and I thought handing out programs would be a great addition to our ceremony.

I pulled together the necessary content, and after gator wrestling the printer into cooperation, was able to successfully print out all the programs.

Of course, just printing programs and folding along the center wasn’t enough. Oh no, these bad boys needed a decorative touch.

Good thing that I had some time on my hands in the days leading up to the wedding, as well as left over fabric scraps to make this happen. Oh, and a Matron of Honor who was a captive audience. I’d say she was willing, but I think it was more Stockholm Syndrome than anything that got her involved, that, and a glass or two of red wine.

I decided a nice detail would be a mini pennant flag draped across the front of each program.

Mini Pennant Flag Garlands

Step 1: Create your mini pennant flags

a. Use spray glue to adhere fabric to cardstock paper. I used left over scrapbook paper, because 2003’s crafty trend of scrapbooking is over and I’ll never have a need for all this pricey paper again.

b. Trim paper down to just the fabric portion.

c. Trace out pre-defined pennant flag size. I made my template out of cardstrock, then covered it with tape to create a laminated sample.

d. Cut out flags. Ice your hand after, if you are like me and are a lefty using scissors intended for right-handed people. It leaves a nice bruise on your thumb.

Step 2: Glue together to make a garland

a.Pour yourself a glass of wine. This step was suggested by my Matron of Honor. It made the assembly line move much more effectively.

b. Using 3 flags per garland, we took baker’s twine (any small thread or string would work here as well), and glued the edges to the backs of each flag. Leave enough twine between each to create a nice drape.

Step 3: Glue garlands onto programs

a. Take each strand of pennant flags, and with your glue gun, adhere each pennant flag to the program.

Finished Product:

Wedding Project Round-Up – A Retrospective

18 May

As of tomorrow, I will officially have been married for 14 days. That means I am 20% of the way to beating out Kim Kardashian’s stellar marital record of 72 days.

Many of my projects, crafts and sewing efforts over the past 6-8 months have been wedding focused. And most of those projects were featured here on this blog. That being said, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and see how these crafts looked in action.


For a few months I labored over sewing more than 150 napkins, which you can see the final blog about it here. Of course, I only ended up using about 116 napkins – but the extra 39 napkins were still worth the labor of love.

At the reception the napkins really added the final colorful touch to each place setting.

(c) Ken Kienow

(c) Ken Kienow

(c) Ken Kienow

Another way the napkins were used – as fabric swatches under the floral and decor arrangements.

(c) Ken Kienow


The centerpieces were some of the items I was most proud of. You can see some of my progress here on an old blog post.

I intend to frame the one I made for our table. I matched our hair colors and color scheme as best as I could.

This tendency to have a red-headed girl goes back to childhood when nothing for kids had red hair (except for Barbie’s dull friend Midge and various villains on Saturday morning cartoons). I felt some pathetic, ill-placed form of discrimination (that is also what happens to you when you grow up in a town of 3000 people). So everything I could draw, color or make, I gave it (cat, person, flower, golf cart) red hair. The tradition continues. And per usual, I digress.

(c) Ken Kienow

The Lucha Libre centerpiece for the groomsmen was the most popular amongst the guests – the photographer snapped about 4 or 5 photos of this one alone.

(c) Ken Kienow

Table Number Flags and Cake Toppers

In making the pennant flag table numbers, which can be seen here, I didn’t really think about how they would be attached or included with the centerpieces. Ends up my florist took care of that worry for me.

They were the perfect touch of shabby chic that each table needed.

(c) Ken Kienow

(c) Ken Kienow


The programs ended up being a surprise hit of the ceremony!

Cutting out and gluing mini pennant flag garlands to each program was worth the effort and we received a multitude of compliments on them.

A tip of the hat to my Matron of Honor for sitting there next to me for three days the week of the wedding to make this possible.

(c) Ken Kienow

I will post a how-to guide retroactively on this project. Look for it sometime next week.

Pennant Flags

(c) Ken Kienow

When I made my variety of pennant flag garlands – I wasn’t sure exactly how they would be utilized. Ends up, the groom and groomsmen came up with a great solution. Not only is our ceremony nicely framed, but you’d never see how poorly I painted those letters on each fabric flag. The original project is in this Weekend Round-Up.

Flowergirl Dress

Knowing how much of a mover and dancer our flowergirl would be, I created loops on her dress to hold her satiny ribbon sash in place. You can check out the handiwork here.

And look at her motor.

(c) Ken Kienow

She danced and worked that party like a grown-up. I’m proud to say, the dress and sash kept up nicely.

Bean Bags for Corn Hole Game

During the cocktail hour, many of our guests employed the bar, the restrooms, the appetizer station, the bar some more, and the corn hole game. My father made the boards and I sewed the bags – which was mentioned in this post.

(c) Ken Kienow

Various items of decor

I came up with little accents to various items throughout the reception.

Adding some ribbon and signs to a bird cage turned it into a card bin.

(c) Ken Kienow

Creating miniature pennant flag garlands to drape behind the place card frame added some nice dimension.

Using a hot glue gun to glue knots of ribbon to the place cards, as well as using a paper punch gave the place cards a more high-end feel. Who know that buying the Avery Template for business cards would double nicely as place cards for a reception?

(c) Ken Kienow

All the work, the projects, stops by Beverly’s Fabrics, shopping fabric swatches online at Esty, broken sewing machine needles, pricks on the thumb from stitching for hours on end, hot glue gun burns, inhaling spray adhesive and nursing blisters from crafting scissors made for right-handed people – it was all worth it. I hope you enjoyed that chapter of my crafting life as much as I did! On to new projects and adventures!

(c) Ken Kienow

Weekend Round-up

24 Apr

This weekend, we spent time in SF, attending a friend’s wedding at the Olympic Club.

The Olympic Club is the premiere athletic club of San Francisco, with around 5000 members. The club is probably best known for having US Open caliber golf courses that perch along the Pacific Ocean. Besides, any place that boasts a cardio solarium is pretty awesome in my book (whatever a solarium is – the word just sounds awesome). 

Where we were was the historical downtown location on Post St. The club reminded me of an overtly masculine Hearst Castle, which as I learned from the Olympic Club’s website, William Randolph Hearst was on the club’s board. Oh, Internets… where would we be without you?

Anyway, this event smacked of beauty and class. And there was I, two and a half years removed from SF residency, dying to whip out my camera to snap some photos.I must have been the only person who was visiting the club for the first time, as I didn’t see anyone else taking the opportunity to photograph our surroundings. So, I caved to peer pressure and didn’t take any pictures. As a consolation prize, I took a picture of the cityscape. This is looking into the edge of the Tenderloin, which can be a tad rough at 8:45 on a Sunday morning. It’s about the time crack wears off anyway.

This wedding inspired us to create programs for our ceremony. Of course, I can’t just print out paper and crease them into a folded pamphlet, as fiance thought would happen. I will be crafting some nice decorative details on them. Should have a post about that in a week or so. Let’s hope it doesn’t take any longer, or else I’ll have 100 programs that are for an event that has already passed.

In other news, I completed the card ‘box’ for the reception, and am getting started on a mini cross-stitch project for myself. Stay tuned for that one.

Oh, the anticipation. Sing it, Carly Simon.

Fifty Thousand, Two Hundred and Twenty Square Inches of FUN

8 Feb

Based on my nifty math skills, that’s how many inches of fabric I’ve sewn into napkins over the past several months for our upcoming wedding reception.

I blame my crafting brain. This is the same brain that loves to shriek “Oh I can make that!” while shopping around town or reading the posts of more talented bloggers. My brain’s lofty goals result with mixed crafting results.

Deep in thought over sewing things that are beyond my capabilities.

Some months ago I had this fantastic idea of DIY wedding napkins (which has led to DIY centerpieces, pennant flags, frames, boxes, etc.). To the surprise of my biggest skeptic (me), I have finally finished said napkins.

Sewing (hopefully) slightly more than we anticipate needing, I have made 155 napkins, now neatly organized and sorted by color and pattern.

Napkins stacked and ready for May 5th.

You’d think after 155 fabric swatches, ironing 620 edges, pinning creased corners, and endless pedal pushing, I’d be a pro at sewing.

A straight stitch line is an elusive feat.

Let’s not confuse tenacity for agility or talent.

That focus is the look of determination.... not expertise.

The job is done and I loved every minute. However, if anyone takes a close gander at the stitch work, they will find the rookie wobbles of the stitches, the stops and starts of the thread. This is why I plan to have a substantial cocktail hour before anyone reaches their tables to inspect my work.

The crafting train continues (who doesn’t love a transportation analogy?) as now I’m jumping full force into our centerpieces. So far this is what I have:

A start, I suppose.

More on this project later this week!

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