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Secure Your Serveware

30 Aug

Last week I went to a small get together with a few girlfriends. I volunteered to throw together a quick dessert for us to share (strawberries, homemade whipped cream, and angel food cake). As I was putting the dishes together for the drive over, I realized I didn’t want to stack the dishes out of fear that the bowl of strawberries would slide off the serving plate of cake it was sitting on.

Because like any other logical person, I figured I would share my “ah ha” moment here. I believe this could maybe be called a “life hack?” I dunno – just learned that term and feel super hip incorporating it into my blog.

ANYWAY… I realized I could use a 3M wall hanging sticker to adhere my strawberry bowl to the serving dish, eliminating any slipping or sliding during the drive to my friend’s house. It worked so well that I forgot it was holding the whole thing together until I was at home and my husband went to wash the dishes and noticed that the bowl was stuck to the platter.



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